ConocoPhillips China

Education & Youth Development

Education and youth development programs represent the foundation of ConocoPhillips' philanthropic support. We believe that connecting with young people on important issues affecting their communities is crucial to bringing about meaningful change, and this is why we direct more than half of our annual contributions toward young people around the world.

In 2002, ConocoPhillips China began encouraging employees to volunteer for our “Jelly Jam” program. Jelly Jam is a cartoon rabbit who reminds people to protect the environment. Through the course, students learn about water conservation and pollution, air pollution and low carbon transportation, as well as other topics related to environmental protection.

The program is taught with an emphasis on interaction and participation, and applying the lessons learned to students’ everyday lives. Students are encouraged to contribute in a wide variety of ways, whether this is through group discussions, drawing pictures, making handy crafts or theatrical performance. We think of Jelly Jam students as “environmental protection angels”.

Volunteers learn to become teachers under the guidance of more experienced volunteers and through reading our teacher’s handbook. ConocoPhillips China volunteers go to schools in Beijing, Tanggu and Shenzhen where the company has operations and offices, helping students in primary schools and kindergartens become better environmental citizens by learning from Jelly Jam.

Since launching of the project, participation of employees is very high. Schools and kindergartens are also very welcome.Thousands of children participated in this class.