ConocoPhillips China


Our goal is to operate our businesses in a safe and environmentally friendly manner causing harm to no one, be they employees, contractors, customers, neighbors or communities. As a natural resource company, we know the importance of protecting the air, land and water upon which we all depend.

In November 2013, ConocoPhillips began collaborating with the Institute of International Education (IIE) to establish the China Environmental Stewardship (CES) Awards.
Funded by ConocoPhillips and administered by the IIE, the CES Awards provide financial assistance to promising graduate students and their academic advisors at Chinese universities for study, research and training in the fields of environmental protection, risk management and sustainable development. ConocoPhillips has invested RMB 3.7 million (approx. US $600,000) for the first three years of the program. Four to six multi-year awards will be offered each year. In addition to providing direct financial support for the study, research and training plans of each CES awardee, the program also provides networking and leadership development opportunities to all program participants.
In 2014 and 2015, ten winners received the award.
For more information on the CES Awards, please visit IIE’s website: