ConocoPhillips China


Our goal is to operate our businesses in a safe and environmentally friendly manner causing harm to no one, be they employees, contractors, customers, neighbors or communities. As a natural resource company, we know the importance of protecting the air, land and water upon which we all depend.

The program focuses on environment education for primary school students living in wetlands areas in northeast China including Bohai Bay. The key work scope includes providing nature school course for children in wetland areas and building capacity of college student volunteers so that they can educate the children living in wetlands areas on environment conservation and crane habitats. The program will develop teaching curricula on environment and recruit COPC volunteers for community engagement. In May 2013, 9 COPC staff volunteers attended an 8-day field trip in Huihe Wetland in Inner Mongolia. Together with college student volunteers, they conducted wetland protection courses for local primary schools, visited local villages to promote waterbird protection and made field survey on cranes and water birds along Huihe.