ConocoPhillips China and partners jointly launch the Badaling International Friendship Forest Eco-Education Workshop Program - “Walk Green with ConocoPhillips”

Beijing- In celebration of the “World Earth Day”, themed “Cherish beautiful earth and protect our natural resources”, ConocoPhillips China (COPC), together with China Green Foundation, Beijing Badaling Tourism General Co. and Shan Shui Conservation Center (Shan Shui), announced on April 19, the launch of the Badaling International Friendship Forest Eco-Education Workshop Program – “Walk Green with ConocoPhillips” (the “Program”), an initiative to actively explore new models of eco-education and promote public environmental awareness and participation. Bill Arnold, president of COPC, Chen Peng, vice chairman and secretary general from China Green Foundation, Liu Zongxue, vice general manager of Beijing Badaling Tourism General Co. and Zhao Xiang, conservation director of Shan Shui attended the launching ceremony along with other guests.  

Bill Arnold (second on the left), Chen Peng (second on the right), Liu Zongxue (first on the left) and Zhao Xiang (first on the right) jointly launching the Badaling International Friendship Forest Eco-Education Workshop Program – “Walk Green with ConocoPhillips”.

Badaling International Friendship Forest is a nonprofit, eco-friendly park (the “Park”), exclusively sponsored by COPC and managed by Badaling Special Zone Office and Beijing Badaling Tourism General Co. since 2000. It was named “State-level Key Public Welfare Forest Protection Area” by the Beijing Municipal People's Government in 2004. Over the past 19 years, COPC has been dedicated to restoring forest vegetation, supporting infrastructure development in the Park and has transformed it into a green belt that provides wind-prevention, sand-stabilization and air-purification functions for Beijing.  

“Air, land and water are the foundation of our lives and the cornerstone of sustainable development for our planet,” said president of COPC, Bill Arnold at the launching ceremony. “Grounded in the concept of sustainability, ConocoPhillips has long been committed to the ecological environment in local communities and put great emphasis on youth and public eco-education for long-term benefits. In addition to this program, we have also supported International Crane Foundation, dedicated to protecting crane biodiversity and the wetland ecosystems on which they depend. We also cooperated with the 'Roots and Shoots' organization to spark interest and awareness of environmental protection among the younger generation in China."  

Built upon COPC’s long-term support, the program will leverage the powers from all partners to improve the biodiversity conservation of the Park and transform it into an important eco-education platform for the public to learn about the biodiversity of species around Beijing. In the coming year, the program will recruit citizen science volunteers to conduct several environment surveys and establish a biodiversity baseline database for plants, birds and butterflies as well as a natural explanation system and bio-species observation route maps in the Park. Furthermore, the program plans to organize two public eco-education workshops in the second half of the year. The workshop participants will learn about the species and the eco-system, and have a unique opportunity to experience and understand the methodologies of nature monitoring and participate in data collection and compilation, contributing to environment conservation.  

"During this year’s Two Sessions, General Secretary Xi Jinping reiterated the importance of enhancing the development of ecological civilization and exploring a new path of high-quality development that prioritizes ecology and highlights green development,” said Chen Peng, vice chairman and secretary general from China Green Foundation, “The Program combines ecological monitoring and conservation with public education, which will fundamentally strengthen the public awareness and practices of ecological construction.”  

The Program will be led and executed by Shan Shui throughout the year. “Shan Shui has been dedicated to promoting citizen science and leveraging civil powers to fill the gap in the bio-diversity database. We are very excited to establish this partnership with COPC to carry out bio-diversity monitoring and conserving activities around big cities like Beijing. Engaging the public with hands-on research and conservation work enriches the bio-diversity research database on the one hand, while also expands the space of public participation and raises eco-awareness” said Zhao Xiang, conservation director at Shan Shui Conservation Center.  

Beijing Badaling Tourism General Co. said, “Thanks to COPC’s continuous support over the years, the Park has already become a key component of the Badaling Scenic Area. It has improved the local ecological environment and now provides tourists worldwide a place to rest and enjoy the marvelous view of the Great Wall. The Program will further strengthen the ecological function of the Badaling Scenic Area, while creating a harmonious environment where the ecology, culture and history of the Badaling Great Wall complement each other.  

After the launching ceremony, COPC organized a “Green Discovery” orientating activity for its employees. Over 80 COPC employees and their families attended the activity and showed great interest in the local bio-species and the ecological environment. COPC firmly believes that its people are the most important asset and the key to success. COPC is continuously strengthening its sustainability capabilities by creating opportunities for its employees to participate in green initiatives and build up their environmental awareness, contributing to the sustainable development of humans and nature.  

“Green Discovery” orientating activity with over 80 COPC employees and their families

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