ConocoPhillips in China

ConocoPhillips has been a committed partner in China since the early 1980s and continues to be one of the largest foreign investors in China’s upstream oil and gas sector. For nearly 40 years, ConocoPhillips has expanded its overall business scope in China across various fields, including oil and gas exploration and production, LNG supply and other relevant business services. At present, ConocoPhillips has offices in Beijing and Tianjin (Tanggu).

ConocoPhillips is committed to developing energy responsibly, while creating lasting value for local communities and stakeholders in China. Supporting social responsibilities, ConocoPhillips makes efforts not only in addressing urgent livelihood issues, but also in innovative planning for future to improve the lives of local citizens for the long run.  

In China, ConocoPhillips applies this value via four focus areas of corporate social responsibilities: Conservation, Education, Health and Disaster Relief. Around these themes, various long-term programs through strategic cooperation with organizations dedicated to serving communities, are implemented to make ConocoPhillips’ social and charitable investments significantly more impactful. Since 1997, ConocoPhillips has donated and invested over RMB 64 million on CSR in China, benefiting thousands of people and families across China. 

Key Milestones:

ConocoPhillips’ involvement in China began in 1981 when the Chinese government awarded Phillips Petroleum Co. a block in the South China Sea Pearl River Mouth Basin to assist with oil exploration in the country. Phillips subsequently became the first foreign operator to make an offshore discovery in China. Our partnership with China has grown for over 37 years in our involvement in the development of the Xijiang oilfield in the South China Sea and the discovery of the Peng Lai oilfields in Bohai Sea in the late 1990s. As a leading global energy company, ConocoPhillips plays a key role in helping China to realize its energy goals.


Phillips was awarded offshore block in South China Sea
Phillips was the first foreign operator to make offshore discovery


South China Sea Xijiang oilfield started up production. Bohai 11/05 PSC signed
Phillips made discovery in Bohai Sea (PL19-3)


PL19-3 Phase I had its first production (WHP-A)
ConocoPhillips acquired 24.5% of Panyu in South China Sea via Burlington
Bohai Phase II started up production: 150,000 bopd
Xijiang PSCs expired and reverted to CNOOC


ConocoPhillips signed Qi Jiang Shale Gas JSA with Sinopec
ConocoPhillips signed Neijiang Dazu Shale Gas JSA with CNPC
Operatorship was transferred to CNOOC per the Production Sharing Contract (PSC) terms
Bohai Sea WHP-J produced first oil
PL19-3 Phase III development in progress